Depending on the chosen version it is solid wood or veneered playwood.

Solid wood is hardwood – oak, beech, ash or exotic depending on customer’s choice. Playwood with a thickness of 20 to 40 mm can be additionaly veneered on both sides with so-colled lamella, i.e a piece of solid wood 2-3mm thick. This treatment strengthens the elements creating a kind of layered  board ensuring smooth use of our products for many years.

Veneered plywood consists of two basic components. The first are sheets of hardwood glued perpendicularly to each other. The second, creating visual effect, are natural veneers with a thickness of 1,5 mm on both sides of the board. This provides an alternative to solid wood while maintaining very high strength and durability.

The base of the tops is a carpentry board, which is composed of wooden slats. It is veneered in each plane with natural veneer with a thickness of 1.5 mm. We have adopted this technology to eliminate the problem of bending and cracking of these elements. Such situation would occur in case of solid wood.

The glass tops are 8 mm thick. They are always tempered, which makes them very resistant to damage. The range of colors allows you to match their shade and transparency.

An interesting alternative with very good durability parameters is a countertop made of composite plates with a thickness of 12 mm. They have a very high resistance to damage and their small thickness and uniform color emphasize the effect of wood.

Yes, glass tops are protected with a transparent seal. In wooden countertops we make a special connection which ensures that the spilled liquid will not get under their surface. It is also a reinforcement which additionally protects the countertops from changing shape in relation to the individual elements.

The legs are made of solid wood in a square shape – usually 8×8 cm. It is also possible to make powder coated steel legs in white or black color. In our tables legs are always disassembled which makes the transportation easier and limits the costs of shipment and packing. However on customer request we can make permanently glued legs.

Within 400 km from our headquarters we deliver, carry and assemble in person. Further shipments are carried out by the largest courier brands in order to shorten the delivery time. We do not save on materials, therefore our shipments safely and completely reach our customers.

Yes, thanks to our unique and simple technology we can make a table that will be divided in half. This makes it easier to transport and store the table if it is not used every day.

We offer every kind of LED lighting – single color, RGB, Philips HUE and dynamic lighting.

Dynamic LED lighting has the possibility of illuminating, for example, a specific player in a game or counting down the time left to make a move. This option is agreed individually with each client.

The player zone is an individual space that each player has personally – it consists of cupholders, stands, recesses, sockets and more. The stand is customized individually and can be moderated with the buyer.

This is the space in which the game is played. Depending on your needs, it can be below, above or on par with the player zone.

  1. 230V socket with two USB charging ports.
  2. USB sockets with two ports.
  3. Bluetooth sound system.
  4. Inductive charging.
  5. Other – depending on customer needs.

Recesses are nothing else than cavities in the side of the table (so called chest), they are dedicated to RPG games, where a lot of space for figurines etc. is required. We also make drawers, which open without a visible handle. This solution is also aesthetically pleasing, which can be appreciated when the table is placed in the living room or dining room.

The player zones are built permanently into the table and are at least 14 cm wide which has an influence on the size of the playing area. In a table with an attachable zone the top panel is 6 cm thick. The attached bases and cupholders can be moved, assembled/disassembled from the outside and inside the table, which makes it possible to adjust the size of the playing field. It is the best to upload photos.

Yes, the table can be rounded, pentagonal, etc. However, due to technical reasons we will not be able to install the equipment in every table.

Yes, we make towers built into the table, attached or independent.

The most commonly ordered tables are 190 x 120 cm with built-in player zones and 150×100 cm with attached zones. However, there is no problem with adjusting the dimensions to the customer’s needs.

The inquiry sent to us is a basis for preliminary table valuation. We consult its final shape by e-mail. We attach drawings of the table in projections, which later constitute an annex to the contract. The advance payment of 10% is connected with the beginning of the order realisation process. At this stage we try to keep you informed about the progress.

When the table is ready you pay the balance of the fee, then we ship the table to you.

* For non-standard orders, the down payment amount is 50% of the order value.

We use the services of our subcontractors, therefore the final completion time is not always dependent on us. We do our best to deliver the table within 8 – 10 weeks from the moment of making an advance payment.

Of course. On special order we can design and make furnishings for your Games Room or living room so that the table and the rest of the furniture are consistent with each other.

Yes, we have the ability to make a hand-carved table. We work with long-time woodcarvers whose works are recognized products in our region and beyond.