Board game tables designed by gamers, for gamers!

We know what board game and RPG lovers need because we are them ourselves! See our offer of tables designed for enthusiasts.

Table/accessory models:

Adventure - Board game table

3.071,00 €

Fortress – Board game table

2.701,00 €

Infinity– Board game table

3.035,00 €

3.416,00 €

5.800,00 €

WoodenCastle gaming tables

Our gaming tables are perfect for:

Party games

Organizing a place to play during an event, is key. These tables are made for that! They are intriguing and provide adequate space for players. You will have a great time!

Family board games

No more falling off the table or losing pieces. Have fun as a family with tables made for board games!

Role-playing games (RPG)

Lots of space, specially designed stands for players and numerous amenities - give the RPG game a completely new dimension.

Figure games

Our tables are perfect for creating battlefields and deploying armies in a variety of figurine games! Check it out and get even more enjoyment from the game.

Strategy games

The large playing space and numerous player amenities will keep everything you need for your game close at hand and in sight.


Ahead of you arranging a challenging puzzle? Not only will you be comfortable at the game table, but all puzzle pieces will be safe.

Create your own unique gaming table!

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Tables made for customers!

Model Quest

In this case, the gameplay is given a unique atmosphere by mounted LED lighting.

It all started with a PASSION FOR GAMES!

One day, during an exciting game, we came up with the idea that a comfortable place to play would be a great convenience for every board game enthusiast.

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