GM Board Game Table

 1750,00 Incl. 23% VAT

Solid wood (+€ 350,00)
Veneered plywood
Nut (+€ 50,00)
Teak (+€ 50,00)
Mahagoni (+€ 50,00)
Black (+€ 50,00)
White (+€ 50,00)
Tempered glass (+€ 350,00)
Veneered plywood (as in the previous step) (+€ 450,00)
Stainless steel mug
Compartment for accessories
Bluetooth-Soundsystem (+€ 400,00)
Inductive charger (+€ 70,00)
Socket with USB (+€ 120,00)
USB charger (+€ 120,00)
LED lighting (+€ 200,00)
Boundary bar (+€ 30,00)
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GM Board Game Table

A game table designed for maximum playing comfort, with elements that can be configured as desired. The outside is equipped with a magnetic or aluminium system (your choice) that allows the installation of shelves (cup holders, niches, wine holders or others). The LED panel fitted inside adds an interesting atmosphere with its multi-coloured lighting. 

If the entire table surface is not needed for the game, the corresponding area can be separated by a strip.

After the game, this product can be used as a classic table. The table elements inserted in the middle of the frame rest on a ledge in which a groove for the cards is milled, creating a flat surface for the entire table top. The top consists of 4 or 5 elements (depending on the size of the table) and opens with a “mushroom” that pushes the top upwards. It is sealed, so you can be sure that if something spills on its surface, it will not penetrate its interior (which is covered with a waterproof, easy-to-clean mat)..

Additional elements can be built into the table – see configurator. The sound system can be installed in such a way that it does not affect the aesthetics of the table.

Product advantages:

    • Careful workmanship
    • External mounting possible (magnetic or aluminium system)
    • Sealed lid with mushroom head opening
    • Possibility of installing a sound system
    • Can be used as a dining table or coffee table (2 leg lengths)
    • delivery time 6-8 weeks