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Let me introduce you
Wooden Castle tables

It’s good to see ya! I’m here to tell you what are Wooden Castle Gaming Tables the best for.

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Do you know that our tables guarantee wonderful entertainment for:

… and because it has special glass cover you can use our table as stylish dining table.

Hi! I'm Wizard Carol!

Let's start configuration!

We offer our tables with many features which you can choose to personalize your table. We offer many materials, fabrics and sizes.

You can choose from many functional options like shelfs, cup holders and play mat or fabric. We offer too, many of electronic stuff like dynamic led lightning, inductive charger or audio system.

Click Configure button to find out our configurator.

Look at the features:

This is some of the feature which you can choose to personalize your table. You can get more info in configurator where, we present all configurations like materials, covers, lights systems etc.

Socket with USB ports

Make sure you can charge several devices at once

Inductive charger

Take care of charging your phone without unnecessary cables

Hand carved

According to your or our design the table or its elements can be hand carved by experienced woodcarvers

Slide-in cup holder

It comes in handy when something spills. Pull out and wash the cup if you need

Static or dynamic LED lighting

Add light to make the playing field clearly visible, also with dynamic lights you can set countdown or player specific lighting

The depth of the playing field

Choose a fixed depth or adjustable depth. Above or below the player zone

Card Slot

Keep your cards in one place, always in sight

Dice Tower

Built-in or attachable


Plan space for small items - dice, tokens, markers,

Audio system

Set the mood for your game

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